NOC Paintball

Play Paintball in the dark

NOC Paintball Rounds and Flash Adapters.

NOC Paintballs-

Patented glow in the dark paintballs that emit a tracer when shot through our patented NOC (tracer) adapter or when charged with LED/bright light. 
  • Finally play paintball at night and see your shots.
  • Watch your round hit the enemy leaving glowing visual proof of contact.
  • NOC paintballs, the brightest paintballs on the market.

Flash Adapters-

  • The adapter screws tightly onto most standard barrel diameters.
  • When a NOC Paintball round passes through the adapter it is charged with 3200 Watts of light. 
  • The round leaves the barrel emitting a tracer and staying charged for 30 seconds.

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